Distinguishing Features

TFI  offers investment products and solutions to its clients that adhere to Shari’ah principles of investment.

TFI  has an experienced and professional management team with considerable experience in security analysis, asset allocation, portfolio construction and management in global developed markets, emerging markets and regional markets.

TFI is a specialized Portfolio manager, based and operating in the region, where it invests and possesses a broad network of industry and financial contacts.

The TFI Team has considerable experience in the management of large single-market portfolios, understanding the advantages and constraints of such an environment.

TFI  does not believe in a hierarchical management approach; all members of Asset Management are free to express and debate their investment views and investment choices.  Lateral thinking and challenges to accepted wisdom are encouraged.

TFI  has a rigorous fundamental investment process that governs its asset allocation and security selection.

TFI  emphasizes investment in the securities of high quality companies that offer both earnings growth and transparency which we believe result in a more risk-averse strategy but at the same time we seek entrepreneurship.

TFI  operates within a strictly regulated regime to ensure stringent compliance with the regulator, internal protocols and the client’s mandate and operates under international best practice.