Investment Environment

TFI conducts economic studies both in-house and sources externally to discern long-term trends in fiscal and monetary policy, the outlook for interest rates, other pertinent indicators and commodities.

Asset Class Selection

TFI identifies and further analyses those asset classes, business sectors and companies that are ultimately beneficiaries of these long-term trends.

Industry Selection

TFI undertakes studies to determine the operating environment and pertinent drivers of performance for industries that warrant inclusion in the portfolio.

Security Selection

The over-riding criteria for investment selection are a history of visible earnings improvement and valuation, though new issues will be considered.


TFI profit estimates are utilised to identify investment value and the appropriate valuation method is applied (discounted cash flow and/or ratio analysis). There will be times when TFI will take a contrarian stance if valuations based upon our analysis identify opportunity.

Sources of Information

TFI collates, analyses and enacts upon information emanating from government agencies, industry associations, the media, the financial industry, global and business specialists and company contacts, visits and assessments.