Investment Philosophy

The major objectives of TFI’s Asset Management Department that underpin our investment philosophy are: -

  • To provide investment returns to our clients in excess of an agreed benchmark.
  • To provide investment returns that are competitive with an agreed list of other money managers.
  • To provide consistent performance within an agreed risk profile.

TFI’s philosophy is the belief that within the regional equity markets relative mis-pricing does periodically occur, and we will take advantage of this phenomenon through security analysis and selection. TFI  strongly believes that fundamental analysis and valuation studies identify the key securities for inclusion in its portfolios.

We will not replicate any benchmark or index in terms of stock holdings but will seek to add value by identifying and overweighting securities of companies that on analysis, we believe to be under-valued relative to growth potential or intrinsic value. We believe that long-term investment in quality companies that offer secular growth potential is the key to success to deliver above average returns to our clients.

Portfolios under our management will not replicate a benchmark. Benchmarks and policy ranges are employed within TFI  for relative performance measurement and to estimate and limit volatility in order to effectively comply with the risk tolerance of our final investors.