Strategic Alliances

Through a strategic alliance, a business can turn under- utilized resources into a new profit centre or enter untapped markets more quickly and at less cost than going in alone. For these reasons, SAs - usually in the form of a joint venture - are becoming a popular method for expanding a business, especially in the Middle East, where local businesses are adapting the best practices from around the world for the local markets. Major publicly held corporations and mid-sized privately held companies are utilizing joint ventures. Smaller or even “micro-cap” companies, family run businesses can also benefit from such initiatives under the right circumstances and with help of right the advisor.

TFI’s strategic alliances services include:

  • Screening and short listing a set of prospective partners
  • Development of a detailed business plan for the joint venture
  • Commercial and Financial Due diligence
  • Advisory services concerning the appropriate structuring of the joint venture
  • Financing, financial controls and governance terms
  • Development of an exit strategy and terms of dissolution for the joint venture