TFI GCC Equity Opportunities Fund (Q)

A TFI AM flagship product, the First Investor GCC Equity Opportunities Fund (Q) is an open-ended collective investment scheme registered under the Laws of Qatar, founded by Dukhan Bank Q.S.C. and managed by The First Investor Q.S.C.C. The objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth through investments in a broadly diversified portfolio of equities and Sukuk within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.  Subscriptions (a minimum of QAR100K) & redemptions are open (monthly) to Qatari Institutions as well as Qatari individuals and can be subscribed to at any Dukhan Bank branch, through a Dukhan Bank relationship manager or directly at The First Investor.

For more information regarding the subscription terms and conditions please call 800 8555 (24 hours/7 days a week) or visit us at any Dukhan Bank branch.

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Dukhan Bank Q.S.C

Fund Manager

The First Investor Q.S.C.C


HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, Qatar Branch


KPMG Qatar

Maximum Subscription

2,000,000 Units

Minimum Subscription

100,000 QAR

Nominal value of one Unit

1,000 QAR

Subscription Fee


Management Fee

1.50% per year (paid monthly pro-rata)

Performance Fee

10% p.a. above hurdle rate of 10%

Redemption Fee


Subscription Period